Can I Help My Child Tackle Anxiety?

Researchers are increasingly aware of the link between stress, coping, and anxiety. One distinction with this link splits children into two categories – adaptors and innovators. Adaptors tend to improve on a given schema whereas innovators move beyond to solve problems “outside the box”. Researchers agree that those children that cannot adapt or innovate coping strategies stall from stress and anxiety, but can benefit from being taught how to do so.

This is where a therapist specially trained to help children comes into play. A therapist can help teach the skills necessary for your child to learn to be an adaptor or an innovator so that they can develop their own coping strategies. But what can you do as a parent?

One suggestion is to teach your child to become a detective and uncover the triggers to their anxiety. This teaches your child how to recognize situations that are stress inducing. Once your child can detect these situations, the coping strategies and problem solving strategies learned in therapy can be applied. The hope is that your child can eventually adapt on their own, needing their parents and therapist’s help less and less.